Give Your Face a Workout at Selfridge’s Face Gym

Some of us spend hours in the gym sculpting that perfect beach bod – but why do we forget about our face?

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 17 November 2018

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Our faces are home to 43 different muscles – which are responsible for all our expressions and facial movements required for chewing, smiling and talking. These muscles are also the framework of the face – so keeping them nice and tight is a requirement for that natural youthful glow.

Face Gym are pioneers in this facial exercise technology, and they are taking the country by storm one Selfridges at a time. The brand new beauty hall at Selfridges Trafford is the latest home to Face Gym, and we went down to have a workout.

Don’t worry, you can leave your lyrca and legwarmers at home for this one, Face Gym is pretty much a souped-up facial – but prepare for your coach to get pretty physical because it is certainly a workout.

Facial workouts work by increasing blood flow to the face and improving circulation which allows oxygen to nourish the cells in the face- making you appear fresh-faced and even younger.

One of the best things about it is that it is completely non-invasive. You won’t find a single needle or knife in sight. The boot camp begins with the trainer pushing down on your upper chest and face on the pressure points.

She will then perform a range of movements on the face like heavy pulsing with her fingers and fast whipping strokes to promote blood flow in the face. They then use an EMS machine (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) which will glide over your face and make the facial muscles twitch.

It doesn’t hurt, but it does feel a little weird – which is made worse by the involuntary faces you make during the process! But all will be forgiven when you see the results- your cheeks are fuller, and your jawline is much more refined which lasts up to a week. Honestly, I left glowing.

The classic boot camp treatment starts at £45 for a 40-minute workout. You will find Face Gym at the brand new Beauty Hall at Selfridges Trafford.

Face Gym Boot Camp Workout
@Selfridges Trafford Beauty Hall
£45 for a 40 minute session

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