Skin Health Spa – The Refinery Mens Facial

With summer fast approaching, or already past us depending on how cynical you’re feeling, I’ve been spending the last few weeks checking out a bit of male ‘grooming’ around Manchester. This week it was a trip to Skin Health Spa.


The Refinery Mens Facialan essential treatement for healthy, radiant skin. Sounds good. Although most of the treatments S.H.S are avaialble for men and women alike there is a section designed and intended purely for us, from this I chose the above. Options such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal and waxing (to name a few) were on the table, but I decided on something that people could comfortably opt for as a service and didn’t require quite so much ‘buy-in’ as say a casual laser treatment.


Although appearing quite feminine upon entry don’t be deterred at the first hurdle, I wasn’t and neither was the bloke sat in the waiting area. I also found out that the customer split is currently around 60/40 women and with the rise over the last few years in not only products but a general attitude shift towards men taking better care of their skin, I can see why this split is getting ever increasingly closer.

Onto the facial itself. The Refinery Facial, named so on account of it being done with selection of products from The Refinery range designed to compliment each other for exactly this purpose. The room is what you’d expect really, a nice little space designed to relax in and that’s all you have to do really, lay back and relax. 30mins or so later I’m relaxed and my face hasn’t felt this soft since I before I can remember, also worth noting the products worked fine with my beard leaving it in much the same way as my face, soft.

So the process was as follows:
-Double cleanse with Refinery Face Wash
-Exfoliate with Refinery Scrub
-Facial massage using an aromatherapy oil
-Apply Refinery Mask and leave for 10-15 mins, usually massage scalp while this is on
-Apply either Mattifying Moisturiser (for oily skin) or Rejuvenating Moisturiser (for a drier skin)
-Finish with a little aroma oil around the eyes


So to summarise, man up and have a facial it was great. The staff were fantastic and have obviously dealt with the whole “I’m a man and I don’t know what I’m really doing so walk me thorough it” thing a thousand times, so you’ll be in good hands. Many thanks to Lucy who on this instance was that person.

7 St James’s Square, Manchester, M2 6DN
Telephone: 0161 8334224



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