Speed-Mating is coming to Manchester!

There’s nothing more disheartening than moving to a new city and having absolutely no mates.

By Manchester's Finest | 25 December 2018

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You might try and force friendships at work that don’t click, or you may even join a sports club in the hope of sparking up and interesting conversation with someone, but it never seems to be that straightforward.

In a world where people hide behind computer screens and social media, it’s somehow become weird to stop a stranger in the street and compliment their outfit or haircut.

However, what is normal is to add a complete randomer on Facebook and start an online relationship. I find that really sad and fucked up, to be honest- don’t you?

But I think I’ve found some sort of redemption.

Girls Gang, a group of inspiring female artists in Manchester, have come up with a concept that is designed to help people expand their social group in the most organic way- by meeting up and talking in person.

Their new event, Speed- Mating, is an opportunity for people of all ages, shapes and sizes to meet up in one place and socialise with like-minded individuals, who just want to make some new BFF’s and have a laugh doing it.

The meet, which will take place at the People’s History Museum on the 10th January, will encourage people to take part in creative challenges and respond to conversational topics that’ll allow even the shyest of individuals to come out of their shells.

See, nothing scary about that, is there? Girl Gang, have created a fun and inventive way for people to mingle, taking inspiration from dating shows, teenage sleepovers and bad business meetings (we can all relate), so you can imagine how much of a laugh it’ll be.

If you’re wary of attending on your own, just know that 75% of people turn up without any friends, so you can rest assured that you won’t be the only person there stepping out of their comfort zone.

It’s a silly and unique way of making new pals, and at only £5 a ticket, you’ll wonder why you ever wasted money on Tinder Gold!


Speed Mating by Girl Gang

Venue: People’s History Museum
Date: 10th January 2019
Time: 7 pm
Cost: £5 

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