Super Bowl LII (52) with Black Dog Ballroom & Dog Bowl

Most British people's exposure to American Football over the years will have mostly come from watching Ace Ventura, or playing on John Madden ‘95 on the Mega Drive.

By Ben Brown | 17 January 2018

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As complicated as the sport seems, (I still don’t know what “Laces Out” means) there are plenty of people who love watching it, not only Americans, but also a new breed of Brit who enjoy the cheerleaders, big shoulder pads and half-time shows featuring unexpected dancing sharks.

I believe the Super Bowl is the most watched sport event in the world, although I may be mistaken – Bullseye on Challenge TV gets some pretty decent ratings I hear. If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon and watch it, Black Dog Ballroom NQ, NWS and Dog Bowl will all be showing the whole thing from 11.30pm on Sunday 4th February. The Super Bowl that is – not Bullseye.

They have loads of big screens and plenty of drinks offers available. Big at the top of anyone’s list though will be the unlimited wings offer, where for only £10 you can eat as many chicken wings as you like – and I’ve had them – they’re fit.

To reserve a table please contact or call 0161 233 4031