Terence Paul Blow Manchester Away with a New Hair System

Terence Paul Manchester are offering Manchester’s Finest readers a free consultation plus £10 off their first treatment when they quote Finest when making their booking.

By Manchester's Finest | 1 November 2015

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Terence Paul Manchester have introduced the Nanokeratin System Blowdry Treatment – a totally new treatment that delivers great smooth manageable hair for 3 to 5 months.


The Nanokeratin System Keratin Treatment System reduces unsightly frizz and maximises shine, whilst boosting its condition and nourishing the hair. Unlike other systems that have been popular in the past like “Brazilian Blow Drys” this one doesn’t use any harsh chemicals to get results so will not damage your hair.

Based on nano-molecular cashmere keratin protein particles infused with amino acids and a series of hand-selected vitamins and essential oils Nanokeratin rejuvenates and smoothes hair, resulting in healthy, silky, frizz free hair and infinite natural style.

Manchester’s Finest went along to Terence Paul to chat to stylist Fran to find out more.

MF: Fran, the salon has introduced a new blow dry system – is it really as good as it sounds and how does it work?

F: Well, your hair and nails are made up of keratin so by using Nanokeratin it is a way of adding the goodness back into your hair. So, whatever your hair has lost in terms of colouring and dryness, this will replace and help repair the damage making your hair feel better. The Nanokeratin System smoothes over hair cuticles lying them flat which ultimately stops any more frizz from getting underneath and also gives it a shine. The good thing about doing a blow dry with Nanokeratin is the results last longer.

MF: Why is it that salon blow dry’s are back in fashion?

F: People are more image conscious nowadays and want to look after themselves: be it fashion, beauty or hair. It is quite a big confidence booster too, especially before a night out.

MF: What makes a good blow dry?

F: It starts with your consultation – finding out what your client likes or what they don’t like – ultimately what they want. For a good all round blow dry you need to use a really great shampoo and conditioner. A shampoo that washes the hair completely, getting rid of all the excess sebum and dry shampoo that people love to use nowadays. If you don’t get all of that out it can make a blow dry horrendous as it makes your hair go really flat. Also don’t use a heavy conditioner. Then, it’s just about the drying prep – your volume spray and root boosters. The key is not to go overboard with it all, that’s why it’s ideal to go to a salon for a blow dry as we have all that knowledge already so you don’t have to think about it – just sit back, relax and get beautiful hair.​

MF: Are there any tips you can offer if you are blow-drying at home?

F: When people do a blow dry at home they tend to go overboard on the heat settings and don’t dry their fringe or parting first, which is the place to start. By doing it that way and starting at the root it prevents any kinks. If you do sections of the hair at a time that also helps but beware of doing the bottom section over and over again as you will damage the underneath with too much heat, which will produce splitting. You also need to use a decent heat protection spray, especially if using straighteners.

MF: And finally – if you had to choose a famous blow dry, who gets it just right?

F: It has to be Kate Middleton. Everyone who comes in for a blow dry always wants hair like hers. I think it’s because of the sleekness and the fact it looks natural, like she hasn’t tried, but it still looks fabulous.

Terence Paul Manchester are offering Manchester’s Finest readers a free consultation plus £10 off their first treatment when they quote Finest when making their booking.