The 8 Best Slimming World Friendly Restaurants in Manchester

Its January, which means every bugger is on a diet. However, sticking to plan for the long-term is difficult, which is why Slimming World is a great lifestyle change (not a diet) to commit too, because you can still all of your favourite foods, but in moderation.

By Manchester's Finest | 10 January 2018

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This means you can still go out for dinner with your friends or significant other and not cry yourself to sleep with guilt when you arrive home. Winning! So, if you are committed to shedding some pounds but don’t want to sacrifice the luxuries in life, head to one of our favourite Slimming World- friendly restaurants in Manchester for a low-syn treat.

Chez next to the Gay Village is one of Manchester’s nutritious hidden-gems. Veggie and vegan-friendly too, it advertises a diverse menu full of fresh meats, fish, vegetables. From mouth-watering vegan fry-ups to freshly made soups, and last but not least,  their famous and super-healthy ‘Hot Boxes’, you could easily sit down to a syn-free meal that’ll make your belly smile. Available for table service and take-away, Chez could be your new go-to for lunch or dinner.

Chez, 36 Whitworth St, Manchester M1 3NR
0161 236 2266


Most diets teach us that carbs are the god damn devil. For a long time, I believed that (not that it stopped me eating them- come on?), but I am delighted to let you know that it isn’t the case- carbs are our friends! Since joining SW, I have learnt that I can enjoy carbs without feeling like antichrist. Pasta, believe it or not, is completely free, meaning you can enjoy as much as you’d like and still see results; all you need to do it keep an eye on what you pair with it. Vapiano is a to-die-for Italian restaurant in the Corn Exchange that makes freshly-made meals right before your hungry eyes. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to make your dish healthier by telling your chef to ease off on the cream and add more veg instead. That way, you can turn a SYNful dish into something well within your daily allowance.

Vapiano, Corn Exchange, 98 Corporation St, Manchester M4 3TR
0161 348 7590


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it turns out we have all been lied to. It has come to my attention that Nando’s is, in fact, not that ‘cheeky’ after all, and can actually be quite healthy. As all Slimming World representatives will say, this lifestyle change isn’t about depriving yourself of treats, but instead it’s about making the RIGHT choices. Take a half a chicken (skin on) with chips, halloumi and a full fat coke. It’s not even worth thinking about how many syns is in there.  But instead, swap it for some butterfly chicken (skin removed), a yummy salad, corn on the cob, spicy rice and a diet coke, all for around 5 syns-ish? Just as delicious, but half the calories. Now that’s what I call cheeky…


The Corn Exchange’s Vietnamese sanctuary, Pho, is a SW follower’s dream come true- seriously. Their range of miracle soups and broths are all virtually gluten and dairy free, are low in fat and are packed full with important vitamins and minerals. The only thing you’d probably have to syn is dishes with noodles- and even then, it’s not exactly going to be a deal breaker, is it?

Pho, 37 Hanging Ditch, Unit 15, The Corn Exchange, Manchester M4 3TR
0161 464 9779


If you’re waiting for me to tell you that their greasy burgers are low in calories, you’re going to be seriously disappointed, but what I will tell you is that you could enjoy a completely FREE meal here that promises to keep you satisfied. If you ever go over on your syn count, the last thing you probably want to do is eat out, because that makes avoiding temptation ever harder. However, Spoons have your back- as bloody always. A juicy, freshly cooked steak with a fluffy jacket potato and crispy salad is 100% free. Sounds boring, but trust me, it hits the spot and is totally guilt-free. Alternatively, Spoons has many other low-syn meals to indulge in, including some pasta dishes and warm salads. You’re going to be spoiled for choice.


The Oast House
If you haven’t experienced a Oast House hanging kebab, you haven’t lived! They are fresh, filling and reasonably priced, and are the perfect treat if you’re tricking to stick to your SW plan. Whilst the kebabs do come with seasoned butters for serving, you don’t have to use them. They are unnecessary syns when the grilled meat is already tasty enough as it is. And instead of chips, trade them in for some delicious giant couscous that’ll prove a healthier and more satisfying alternative.

The Oast House, The Avenue Courtyard, Spinningfields, Crown Square, Manchester M3 3AY
0161 829 3830 


Comptoir Libanais
Erm, who the hell said salads were boring? Someone who has never eaten at Comptoir Libanais, clearly! If you’re new to Lebanese cuisine, it is hearty but healthy, which is great news for all of you SW followers. The fresh, colourful salads are far from boring; they’re brimming with different flavours, textures and tastes- and can relatively low in syns. So, if you ever find yourself in Spinningfields with a growling tummy, you know where to go.

Comptoir Libanais, 18-19 The Avenue, Manchester M3 3HF
0161 672 3999


Pizza Express
When God created the universe, he also made pizza. Heaven on a plate. But like all good things, this crunchy, cheesy, tomato-y delight is devilishly SYNful, and is an absolute no-go on SW. Or at least, that was the case until Pizza Express brought out their super healthy food range! Replacing half of the base with salad, using low-fat cheese and avoiding as many indulgent extras as possible, Pizza Express have created a SW-friendly pizza range, and my goodness, they’re good! So, for a piz-za heaven, head to your nearest Pizza Express for low-syn treat.