Alice 'Band' in Wonderland

We've talked about the obsession with fashion tights; however now there's another craze.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 27 April 2017

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Alice ‘Band’ in Wonderland.

We’ve talked about the obsession with fashion tights hysteria; however there seems to be another craze sweeping the nation, and one that myself and fellow princesses fully support!

The Headband.

Now usually what springs to mind is a black, plain, simple quite frankly uber dull piece of plastic- one that our young Alice would be happy to wear. However we have significantly moved on.

Ever since Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl “sexed and sassed” up the mere headband, they have become hotter and more IT fashion jewellery must have.

From high street to luxury these cute accessories are everywhere! Walking through Manchester this afternoon on an impromptu shopping expedition; I suddenly turned into a magpie- spying the gorgeous feathers, pearls, crystals all promising to sass up and hairstyles!

Favourites include;
Orelia, Mikey, Topshop and Swarozki.

Headband image by Orelia

So find your inner Alice ladies!


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