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Image from the Caroline Castigliano collection.

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With lots of proposals happening across Princess Retails land, wedding dress hype is upon me! (Sadly I am still just a Princess- no Queen to be J) However this doesn’t stop a girl dreaming. Nor does it stop fellow Princesses and ladys in waiting talking about their gowns they shall be adoring for their own Royal weddings.

So if you are looking for the perfect designer dress (or just feel like dreaming) take a look at these gorgeous beautys! *whilst humming “going to the chapel and we’re. going to get maaaaried”
The Mikado Mermaid Gown from Vera WangAllow yourself to feel like The Little Mermaid on her wedding day. And please don’t forget You don’t alter Vera to fit yourself, You alter yourself to fit Vera!


Lily Wedding Gown from Vivienne WestwoodGet “carrie-d” away with the frock my favourite fashionista wore in the first Sex in the City movie. And with a sale on the item on net-a-porter, hell even if theres no wedding I would buy, just incase!

INDULDGE yourself with the entire collection at Caroline CastiglianoGorgeous, Princess, Bling, Sassy, Opulent- all the words that spring to mind in her Indulgent Collection.
Caroline Castigliano
If you see any more dream designer dresses let ones Princess know! My fellow ladies are waiting to log on and swipe their fiancés plastic!

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