Love is…Luscious Locks

By Manchester's Finest | 12 February 2015

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Over the past few years’ hair extensions have been in and out of fashion as celebs have made them famous for all the wrong reasons. From Britney’s birds’ nest and bald patches to style queen Victoria Beckham’s bonds in her bonce, a host of stars have fallen foul of a bout of bad extensions.

So what do you do if you really want to transform your hair into locks that resemble Rapunzel but the most you can get it to grow without it looking like Worzel Gummidge is an inch!

Calum Tierney, Art Director of Terence Paul Group, says hair extensions shouldn’t be ruled out but they should be right for you.

“Just because you see a celebrity wearing hair extensions doesn’t mean you will look the same if you try to recreate their look. Any hair extensions you decide on have to suit your face and also should be the right colour for your complexion. We will not even think of doing a clients set of extensions without a thorough consultation first to make sure that they are happy with what we are going to do and if it will be the right look for them.”

“Hair extensions should be an investment and the mistake a lot of people make is going for cheaper options. Buying synthetic hair instead of good quality European hair, is false economy as it won’t last you as long plus it screams out loud to people that your long hair or thick mane is fake.”

At Terence Paul we looked at a lot of the extensions out there from bonds to rings to glue. After a lot of research we decided to train our Team in Rapture Extensions and we are the only salon group in the North West that exclusively does them.”

The main benefits of Rapture is that it can deliver a full head of natural looking hair in around 60 minutes with ultra fine application strips that make it invisible to see where your own hair starts and the extension finishes. It’s bespoke from the first consultation and that level of service continues throughout the process and any follow ups you have in the future.

Calum explains, “The thing to bear in mind with extensions is that it’s not always about length. A lot of people come in to the salon wanting more fullness to their hair and that can be achieved by extensions without changing the length of the hair at all.

Our extensions should last you around 6 weeks before you need to come back in the salon for complimentary maintenance of them. Plus the quality of the hair we use means you will be able to reuse the hair for at least 3 times before having to buy new.”

Calum’s top 5 tips for Hair Extensions:

1/ Do not go overboard with the length…Pamela Anderson’s look is the 90s and so is the super long length she had for her extensions. Less is definitely more!

2/ Use hair products that are especially for your extensions. There are shampoos and conditioners on the market that are created with this in mind. With the right maintenance your extensions will last longer.

3/ Get the colour right. For a realistic hair match we choose a few subtle colours for your extensions which will blend in more naturally with your real hair.

4/ If you are thinking of hair extensions then don’t jump straight into it and book an appointment or buy your own hair and do a DIY job. Go for a consultation at a reputable salon. Consultations are usually free and will help you decide if it’s for you.

5/ Save the pennies. Better to pay extra for better quality hair, which will last you longer in the end.

Rapture Extensions start at £195. Consultations are free of charge.

**This Valentines Terence Paul are running ‘The Love Competition’ where you can win a full head of Rapture extensions & Goody bag up to the value of £600 plus a meal for 2 at Gusto Restaurant with Prosecco. To be in with a chance simply follow @TerencePaul & your local Gusto on Twitter & retweet the comp.

Draw takes place Tues 17th Feb, winner announced on Terence Paul twitter.**