Top 3 Old Fashioned

The men's cocktail, featured in films & television from Al Capone to the recent Don Draper

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 29 March 2012

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I love a good Old Fashioned. It’s my perfect cocktail. Featured in films and television from Al Capone to Steve McQueen and more recently Don Draper, this is as masculine as a cocktail can get, yet i’ts worth knowing that when served properly it’s smooth enough for even the most delicate of palates.

Australasia & Alchemist
Delivered in a smoking test tube with instructions to poor at your leisure the Smokey Old Fashioned served up by both the Alchemist & Australasia bar staff (same training, same company) has never seemed so experimental and so intriguing. Presented with a tumbler containing a ball of ice that hardly melts the combination is smooth and seamless, perfect.


Socio Rehab
It’s no surprise that these guys made it in, the connoisseurs of cocktails in Manchester, you can pretty much guarantee that your drink will be as imagined, if not better. Not a drink that usually features in Socio over the weekend, it’s usually a more mojito and illuminous straws based crowd, but for a weekday sip you can’t go wrong.


The staff behind the bar at Rosso know how to make a drink, it’s as simple as that. Head barman Sacha trains them well and you’d be hard pushed to get anything other than exactly what you want. It’s also worth noting that the Dry Manhattan is served to perfection.