Art Explosion

The launch of Art Explosion by artist Paul Oz at Generation Pop, featuring Theo Paphitis!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 22 March 2011

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Just a hop skip and a jump away from the bright bustle of Manchester’s Market Street lies one of the most fascinating art addresses of the North.

From the city of New York to the street of New York the slick ‘Generation Pop’ gallery oozes an effortlessly cool vibe. Housing a selection of the most coveted art and working with some of the most collectible artists of the last decade, Pop has amplified the bohemian ambience of the city.

Last night saw Pop’s latest instalment; ‘Art Explosion’, an exhibition by Paul Oz. Commissioned as the official artist for Bruce Lee as well as Muhammad Ali, Oz, currently working on a Comic Relief project with Theo Paphitis, has been invited by F1promoters to paint portraits of every driver at the Grand Prix’s, late 2011. This artist of choices energy and passion is exuded through his work, not only revealing his his love of art, but of his strong emotion for the subject.

Championing the innovative method of using a pallet knife and rich oil paints, Oz’s art is mesmerising; carved 2cm thick, the visuals are captivating and engage the audience with his emotive pieces.

Launched last night, Chris Glaba, DJ for the event noted his music choice had been influenced heavily by the art, ‘seeing how the use of deep earthy oil colours impact the viewer led me to choose the genre of futuristic disco, I felt in complimented the art and the gallery’.

Those in attendance couldn’t help but get up close and personal with the art on show. One couldn’t help but be compelled to touch the pieces; the lure of the 3D and the magnificence of the size (his trademark). Combined with the heady depths of the swirling colours, the desire to interact with the art became almost unbearable. The mother of Pop’s owners noted, ‘the boys always work with such amazing artists. This has to be one of my favourite. It just grabs you’

This alluring display of Oz’s work makes a must view. Admiring subjects including the late Pete Postlethwaite and the iconic Sean Connery a quick spin around and you’ll be convinced you see a yellow cab across the street.

Visit today!

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