Artists with Disabilities take over Manchester Art Gallery with ‘Affirmations’

A challenging new production from an outstanding group of disabled artists is heading to Manchester Art Gallery with a new performance ‘Affirmations’ this March.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 3 December 2018

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Proud and Loud Arts is premiering its new Live Art performance ‘Affirmations’, an interactive, Live Art installation created by Artists living with disability labels, at Manchester Art Gallery at 7.00pm on Thursday 8th March.

The work offers a perspective on the impact of social stigma and personal identity from the uniqueness of each artist’s own life experiences. Affirmations is an addition to 2016’s performance of ‘Cells – a body of work’ developed in direct response to a Manchester Evening News article describing a 140 percent rise in reported hate crimes against people with disabilities.

Proud and Loud Arts is a Theatre and Performance Company for people living with a disability, which was formed in 2000 and has been producing pieces of theatre, performance art and film for almost 18 years. This exhibition offers a thought provoking and creative glimpse into extraordinary perspectives on the stigma associated with being different.

Speaking of her experience in the rehearsal room Susan Swanton, Movement Director, said “Working with Proud and Loud Arts has opened up new ways of working for me, the company have challenged my approach to how I make work with artists. It’s very exciting and great to have the opportunity to experiment with movement and form without limitation.”

Audiences are encouraged to move around the room and observe the performances as they change and perspective shifts. Artistic Director Tom Hogan said “This is an exciting group of emerging artists who have developed a beautiful, and at times mind blowing, immersive performance.

Each art work is a unique piece that pushes and challenges our sometime rigid understanding of identity. We are thrilled to be back at Manchester Art Gallery, it’s such a wonderful space to perform, the staff are incredibly welcoming.”