BLOOM 2011

BLOOM the 2011 degree show for Mid Cheshire College's Photography students

By Matthew Tyas | 24 May 2011

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BLOOM is the 2011 degree show for Mid Cheshire College’s Contemporary Photography students running from 13th to 18th of June.

BLOOM is the end-of-year show by final year students of the Mid Cheshire College Foundation Degree course in Contemporary Photography. This is a diverse exhibition and represents the culmination of two years’ study for all involved. Styles on display range from commercial photography through documentary to conceptual portraiture and highlight the varied approaches of all concerned.

BLOOM is so named because it is a showcase for the flowering of new talent that has been carefully nurtured over the last two years to bring out the best in each student and to allow them to follow their path and to express their vision of the world around and within them.

BLOOM is the first step on a career path into the unknown; into a future that may be uncertain in many ways, but that will definitely hold one thing at the forefront for all concerned – a passion for the photographic image.