Drifters: Jason Singh

Human beatboxer, vocal sculptor & sound artist Jason Singh performs Drifters score live

By Lee Isherwood | 27 October 2011

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Drifters: live score from Jason Singh

Cornerhouse – November 6th

Human beatboxer, vocal sculptor and sound artist Jason Singh, will perform a live vocal score to the 1929 silent film Drifters, by John Grierson. Using techniques of prerecorded vocal sequences, live vocal processing and sampling, Singh will create a sonic backdrop of ambient textures, experimental atmospheres and rhythms created solely by the use of the voice to accompany the epic journey of a film that explores the tensions between tradition and modernity.

John Grierson was an instrumental Scottish documentary filmmaker, often considered the father of British documentary. Premiering in London alongside Battleship Potemkin in 1929, Drifters follows North Sea herring fisherman through their dramatic daily routines. “If you can tell me a story with a better crescendo in energies, images, atmospherics and all that make up the sum and substance of cinema, I promise you I shall make my next film of forthwith.” John Grierson

In partnership with BFI. A Cornerhouse Micro Commission supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Visit thesinghthing.com for more info

£7.50 full/£5.50 concs

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