Get ready for the bee infestation next summer

The worker bee is the emblem of Manchester. It symbolizes the industrious, creative and energetic spirit of Manchester and its people and we see it everywhere; in shop windows, the sides of buildings and even permanently inked onto the skin of proud Mancunians.

By Manchester's Finest | 30 November 2017

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So what if I told you that a giant colony of super-size bees would be flying into Manchester in the summer of 2018? Most of you would head for the hills. But this isn’t Jumanji; I’m talking about art… obviously.

Over eighty giant honey bee sculptures will be arriving next summer when the city lands one of its most significant ever public art events. The Bee in the City world-class sculpture trail inspired by Manchester’s celebrated worker bee emblem.

The Bee in the City trail will be on display throughout the city for nine weeks from July to September 2018 for Mancunians and visitors to enjoy whilst taking in the city’s landmarks, cultural gems and areas they may not have explored before. Each super-sized bee sculpture will be decorated with its unique design, created by regional professional, emerging and amateur artists – making an unforgettably stunning spectacle when the trail goes live.

Building on Manchester’s international reputation for innovation – and the critical strategic role that culture plays in the social and economic life of the city – the City Council is working with Wild in Art to present Bee in the City. Wild in Art (WIA) is a leading global producer of spectacular and accessible public art trails, with a track record of delivering events that deliver significant economic, artistic, social and charitable impacts for host towns and cities.

After the trail the bees will be auctioned to raise significant funds for The Lord Mayor of Manchester’s charity – We Love MCR Charity to improve the lives and life chances of Manchester people.

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