Manchester Bambinos

Daytona Manchester’s Formula Bambino classes – aimed at honing the racing credentials of Manchester's Kids

By Matthew Tyas | 5 April 2011

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At a time when reports of child obesity are rife and kids are more familiar with their games consoles than fresh air there’s a group of five to seven year olds at Daytona Manchester who are causing industry professionals to dispel such ideas.

Daytona Manchester’s Formula Bambino classes – aimed at honing the racing credentials and on-track instincts of advanced child learners against the clock – have proved so successful that the track’s management has been forced to restructure to ensure the racing protégés are suitably challenged until they can advance to the venue’s Junior InKart Championships when they turn just eight years old.

To keep up with its miniature Michael Schumachers Daytona has introduced a brand new points-scoring championship with leaderboard and podium presentations included.

Having only introduced Formula Bambino in August 2009 Daytona’s general manager Nick Hughes has been left staggered by the uptake and speedy development of his break-neck bambinos.  He said:

“The quality and continual improvement they have shown has surpassed any of our expectations. It is rare to see children this young posses such drive, ambition and dedication.  They are qualities we want to continue to nurture, not put on hold, hence the changes to the Formula Bambino structure.”

Under the new structure racing is conducted solely against each other’s lap times and any overtaking is controlled by track marshalls ensuring optimum safety for the Bambinos on the 450m adult track.  Only Bambino’s that have advanced through all the introductory levels are eligible to take part.

Bambino bright star Ben Deeming from Westhead, who currently holds the Formula Bambino lap record, will no doubt relish the new challenge.

Ben’s father, Jeff, said: “Daytona has given kids like Ben the opportunity to take part in something that’s exciting and that allows healthy and safe competition at this age.  Ben has grown as an individual as he takes lessons learned on the track into his everyday life.  It’s fantastic to see and something we will continue support him and Daytona in.”

Since the UK Motor Sport Association began to recognise the Bambino age range as a legitimate racing class Daytona has been at the forefront of supporting the future stars in the region at a grass-roots level.

Commenting on his hope for the Bambino stars at Daytona Nick said: “It’s all too easy for children to get home from school and sit in front of the television, which is why I think it’s especially important to cultivate the special talent that’s evident here.  I really believe that amongst them are some of motor sports’ future stars.”

For more information on Daytona Manchester’s Bambino Karting visit or call 0161 876 0876.

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