Raiders of the Lost Ark with Live Orchestra!

Quite possibly the greatest movie ever - Raiders of the Lost Ark is coming to Manchester with a full symphony orchestra playing John Williams' fantastic score – just to make the experience better!

By Ben Brown | 27 February 2018

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The film that introduced the world to Indiana Jones in spectacular fashion, Raiders of the Lost Ark was George Lucas and Steven Spielberg’s homage to 1940’s Saturday morning serials and they managed to inadvertently invent one of the greatest heroes in film.

Fighting those pesky Nazis in a race to uncover the Ark of the Covenant, Harrison Ford will put on his hat, grab his purse, run away from big rolling balls, fight an evil monkey and watch faces melt on his way through Egypt, Nepal and even a secret hidden submarine base – but this time with John Williams’ epic score performed live to picture by a full symphony orchestra!

This new tour follows the huge nationwide success of Jaws in Concert and Jurassic Park in Concert and will be held on Sunday 9th September at the Bridgewater Hall.  Raiders Of the Lost Ark will be accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Ben Palmer.

Tickets go on sale Friday 2nd March at 10am

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