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Richard Herring returns to the Frog and Bucket with his new show, Christ on a Bike: The 2nd Coming.

By Matthew Tyas | 18 March 2011

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Richard Herring - Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming

Richard Herring returns to the Frog and Bucket on the 29th and 30th March to perform his 9th solo show, Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming.

“Even though I am an atheist, I love Jesus. I think he’s amazing. For me it’s just all the people who follow him who tend to be such idiots. He’s like the Fonz in that respect…”

Herring has become obsessed with the story of Christ; particularly its flaws and contradictions. What happened to all that gold, frankincense and myrrh that Joseph and Mary were given for instance – wouldn’t it have been the modern-day equivalent of a rollover lottery win? And why did Jesus allow a prostitute to wash his feet with her hair?

During the show Herring attempts to answer these questions as well grappling with his own obsession with Christ even though, he has not believed in him since he was a teen. He deconstructs the text of the bible to a hilarious degree, highlighting the absurdity of the 10 Commandments, the genealogy of the New Testament and pondering, ‘How many weeks would you have to attend Catholic Communion, before you had consumed an entire Jesus?’

A combination of thoughtful musings, silly jokes, smart jokes, projector slides and even a surreal dream sequence or two; there is plenty going on in this well-structured narrative. At the end, it’s hard to know what conclusion Herring has come to. Did Jesus ever exist and is he, or is he not, the new Messiah? In his own words:

“I’m not saying I’m Jesus, That is for other people to say.”

If you are looking for a laugh around payday you will not go far wrong.

Praise Be!

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