Thrills, abduction, pills, attraction, laughs, prescriptions..and it's all sung.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 9 February 2011

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Where: St Ann’s Square Manchester, M2 7DH – 0161 833 9833   map

When: 03 March 11 – 13 March 11

Website: www.royalexchangetheatre.org.uk

What: Thrills, abduction, pills, attraction, laughs, prescriptions..and it’s all sung

Imagine waking up, but you’re not in your bed. Imagine waking up, realizing you’ve been drugged and you’re tied to a stranger… a stranger you can’t see. Neither of you knows how you got there and neither of you knows how to escape.

Tom and Kate can’t remember a thing…. not about the last few days anyway. Everything is a total blank, except for a halloumi kebab and a double-decker bus. As piece by piece they unravel their memories, each step brings them closer to knowing their captors, closer to their terrifying fate… and closer to each other.

Following up the popular success of Love Shift in our PUB season last year, this Manchester based company presents a full length
piece with their trademark exuberance and inventiveness.

Contains some strong language.

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