Things to do in Manchester this week: 6th - 12th October 2017

I've had a really busy week after being on holiday and I can't wait for the weekend to get here so I can just lie in bed with a big bag of Liquorice Allsorts and vegetate.

By Ben Brown | 6 October 2017

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If you’re not like me though and want to actually do stuff, then here’s this week’s round up. I can honestly say that there is something in here for everyone…

Micron & 909 @ Gorilla
Friday 6th October
Micron has been knocking around for absolutely donkey’s years now. In fact it was knocking about when even I was at Uni, which was when UMIST still existed, Facebook was a twinkle in Zuckerberg’s eye and you could still get a kebab for £1 from Monsoons on Oxford Road. It’s back on Friday and they’ve teamed up with 909 and a load of other peeps to bring you this banging night at Gorilla. I did do a write up about this before – here it is if you want more info.

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Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW
0161 826 2998


Belinda Carlisle @ Manchester Academy
Friday 6th October
I feel that Belinda Carlisle doesn’t get the recognition I feel she deserves. Of course Heaven is a Place on Earth is an absolute belter – one of the best tunes out there, and was perfect for that San Junipero episode of Black Mirror last year – but she has got so many more cracking songs out there that most people don’t remember. Let’s not forget the brilliant ‘Mad About You‘ or ‘Leave A Light On‘ – both proper top songs. But my personal favourite has to be 1990 hit ‘(We Want) The Same Thing‘ – I listen to it all the time in the gym and it stops me from walking out and going to KFC. Well, for 4 minutes anyway.

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Manchester Academy, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR
0161 232 1639


Blade Runner 2049
From Friday 6th October
I don’t usually just put standard films on here because that’s what the Odeon website is for, but I thought I’d make an exception to the rule for the new Blade Runner movie that comes out this week. I’ve always struggled to remain awake with the original, but I accept that it’s a pretty sweet movie and one of the most defining bits of sci-fi to come out of someone’s brain box in the last 50 years. Apparently this new one, featuring cuboid headed sex-god Ryan Gosling is phenomenal – another ball knocked out of the park by director Denis Villeneuve and well worth a watch.


The Big Indie Wine Fest
Friday 6th & Saturday 7th October
Manchester Hall, that newly renovated building opposite Crazy Pedro’s on Bridge Street, will be hosting the Big Indie Wine Fest this weekend for the Manchester Food and Drink Festival. This bad boy is firmly in the ‘drink’ section of the festival with over 90 wines to give a try, and expert help to talk you through the things that you’re just pretending to smell in order to not look like a savage. A must for all wine lovers or perhaps someone who has always wanted to give wine a try but has only ever got as far as a swig of Bucky at the back of a bus.

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Neighbourhood Festival
Saturday 7th October
That’s right – in case you haven’t heard us or your friends or every other person with a mouth going on about it – it’s Neighbourhood Festival this weekend all around the city centre. There’s a bloody load of bands and performers all dotted around various locations in the city and your ticket will get you in to all of them to watch at your leisure. They’ve also just recently announced a very special guest – Declan Mckenna will be turning up to teach people how to be one half of a live TV presenting duo, while hypnotising someone into thinking they’re a chicken.

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Mr Scruff with Waajeed @ Band on the Wall
Saturday 7th October
It’s the first Saturday of the month, and once again Mr Scruff will be grabbing his Sony Minidisks and trotting on down to Band on the Wall to play an astonishingly good set filled with a melting pot of jazz, soul, hip hop, funk, disco, deep house, reggae, afrobeat, latin, and maybe even tracks from the Best of Bonkers 2 disc compilation album. I don’t know why I’m bothering still typing – you know what to expect by now surely.

Band on the Wall, 25 Swan St, The Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 5JZ
0161 834 1786


Dickinson’s Real Deal @ Old Granada Studios
Saturday 7th October, 8am – 5pm
I told you there was something for everyone on this week’s line-up. The UK’s most tanned man, David Dickinson is heading on over to the Old Granada Studios this week to host Dickinson’s Real Deal and everyone is invited. Basically if you have something in your loft or in a pan in your garage that you think might be worth something, then head on down and old Dicko will have a look at it for you and you could get on the telly. Don’t bother taking those Natwest Piggy Banks in that you’ve had for 35 years, unfortunately they’re worthless. I’ll buy them off you though. Tenner.

Old Granada Studios, Quay Street, Manchester, M3 4PR


Black Sound Series @ Contact
Saturday 7th October
There’s a full day and night of activity down at Contact this Saturday and it’s all based around UK music of black origin. Starting off during the day, there’s some interesting workshops to get involved in, that are free too – so if you’re looking to get into music – you should be there really. There’s then some top acts playing in the evening, as well as an after-party which will surely raise the (weird looking) roof. There’s more details here for you. Thank you.

Contact Theatre, Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6JA
0161 274 0600


The Hallé – The Best of British Cinema @ Bridgewater Hall
Saturday 7th October
There’s some great British cinema theme tunes out there if you actually sit down and think about it. Who could forget The Great Escape? An absolute classic. There’s also James Bond, Chariots of Fire and even that little annoying lad – Harry Potter to contend with. Whether they bother with the Escape to Victory tune or that one from Carry On Camping I’m not sure. You’ll have to go and let me know if they do.

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Bridgewater Hall, The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley St, Manchester M2 3WS
0161 907 9000


Ray Mears: Born To Go Wild
Sunday 8th October
Coming to The Lowry this week is Ray Mears – a man who has made a living out of being a woodsman and a survivor. You give him a bit of wood, a knife and some chewing gum and he will make you a working Playstation 4 (complete with FIFA 18) in a couple of hours – as well as foraging you some alphabetty Spaghetti and Potato Waffles for you to eat while playing it. If you ever want to be stuck in a forest with someone it would be him. Or that Bear Grylls guy. Or someone with wings. Anyway, Ray is in town with his ‘Born To Go Wild’ show which explores the idea of the Wilderness and why we as humans should leave it bloody well alone, for the planets’ sake and our own.

The Lowry, Pier 8, The Quays, Salford M50 3AZ
0843 208 6000


Discover The Art Of Henna
Thursday 12th October
I was into Henna for a bit and fancied myself as a bit of a dab hand at the designs and all that. That was until I started boozing too much and my hands became wobblier than a jelly baby on a trampoline. If you fancy giving it a go though there’s a workshop this week in the NQ where Hina Ansari will show you how to do everything you need in order to make some really intricate and beautiful designs with the stuff. If you get really good at it you could start doing weddings and make a pretty penny. Or head over to Barcelona beach and do a Nike tick on some bloke from Burley’s arse.

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