mEats… Luke Unabomber

Continuing our series of mEats interviews, we sat down with DJ and Restaurateur Luke Cowdrey, one half of legendary disc-spinners The Unabombers and owners of Volta, Electrik and The Refuge.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 29 December 2018

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Sitting down in Electrik in the heart of Chorlton, we get to grips with their new Yadda Yadda menu featuring what Luke terms “middle-class kebabs” and Middle Eastern meze. Inspired by their travels and love of kebabs, we discuss how the landscape of the Manchester food scene has changed over the last 25 years and how it looks today.

As we talked, we tried a selection of dishes including Keralan Fried Chicken, Beetroot Biryani as well as the fantastic Lamb Shawarma, all of which have recently become a permanent fixture on the menu.

Of course we touched upon The Unabomber’s past endeavours within Manchester’s music scene, as well as how and why they’ve ended up becoming restaurateurs in the first place.

Since opening The Refuge a year ago, they’ve also managed to put their own stamp on the city, with excellent food, a fantastic indoor space and their extravagant Weekenders. We talked about how much of a beast The Refuge was, and continues to be, as their most ambitious project thus far.

Electrik Bar, 559 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 0AE
0161 881 3315