33,000 people played Bongo’s Bingo this weekend including us!!

It was as mental as ever, seriously good fun and 33,000 were watching the live stream.


🏠BONGO'S “Live from the Bungalow”🏠 Due to the overwhelming demand from our successful trial show last night and for those of you who missed out… Jonny and the boys will be BACK TOMORROW, providing you with your FREE Saturday night entertainment, straight from Twitch!😱Kick-off is at 8pm! 🍾All you need to join the fun: ✅1 UK registered mobile📱 ✅A pen and paper🖊✅FOLLOW this link: twitch.tv/bongosbingo✅Set your alarms for TOMORROW @ 8pm!⏰ ✅Grab the Snacks🍕✅Treat yourself to a bottle of WKD or a glass of Southern Comfort #sponsored📣Also, a little shoutout the 3k+ of you who tuned in last night, we had SO much fun and we’re ready to do it ALL OVER AGAIN!📣LETS. STREAM. BINGO!

Posted by Bongo's Bingo on Friday, 20 March 2020

This week I discovered Sims for the first time. I’m sorry – I know I’ve been living under a rock. Safe to say I’m hooked and I’ll be honest, I’m worried about little Elsa as I type this.

Anyway, as I got into my 8th straight hour of playing on Saturday, I got the notification I’d been waiting for. Bongo’s Bingo was about to go live.

I settled down with a (very strong) gin & tonic, the all-important pen and paper and the volume ALLLLLL the way up baby!

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My boyfriend lost his v-card to Bongo’s that night. He had no idea what was going on but he was seriously invested and is ready to go to the real thing as soon as possible.

The rules were really simple, the bingo cards become your phone number and shouting ‘bingo’ became a text to a Whatsapp group.

They rejigged their bingo machine to involve numbers all the way to 99 so quite literally anybody providing they had a number could play.


Literally thousands of people turned up when the game began, creating a huge community of people having a laugh in these crazy times.

As ever there were mental tunes and the number 33 was the best like it always is.

Alongside the video stream was a chat where everyone was going mental and to announce the winners they were calling the callers, asking a seriously (not) difficult question before shipping the prize to them in an Uber.  

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Even the false callers were called a dickhead on the stream which is always fun.

It was everything I could’ve wanted and more. It brought a bit of fun and joy to our screens and peeled me away from Sims which was a really good thing as I’ve started dreaming about them now.

It created an online community of mad heads who love a drink, dance and above all else, bingo!

The highlights from the evening was booing at the number 19 (biiiig covid vibes), followed by a compilation video of a child washing his hands.

There was also a brief moment dedicated to dog pictures which is always a blessing. This particular one requested pictures of dogs in hats which you can still get involved in here if you’d like.

They mentioned there might be another one this week so head over to their socials and get the notification bell ON and get involved it was a hell of a lot of fun! 

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