Over 4,000 people joined our live self-isolated workout this weekend

The workout involved the residents of Moda and tonnes of people at home!

By Alex Watson | Last updated 26 March 2020

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Yep, 4,000 people tuned in to watch our live-stream workout at Moda Angel Gardens.

The workout was courtesy of the amazing team at the in-house Hero gym who brought a huge and uplifting energy to everyone on Saturday morning.

The workout took place in the Angel Gardens Courtyard in the Moda Living building. Behind the fitness instructor, Laura, residents took to their balconies to dance, chat and most importantly workout.

During these uncertain times, we all have to adapt the way we live and the way we socialise. That’s why we took to live-streaming on Facebook to create a virtual workout community in Manchester.

Over 4,000 people tuned in getting sweaty in the comfort and safety of their own homes all with the luxury of a professional trainer.

I tuned in from the comfort of my kitchen, getting sweaty while working out and knowing thousands of other people were also involved made me feel like a part of a massive community that WE created in the virtual space!

The HIIT class was challenging but being involved was incredible. 

Laura finished the workout with a poignant statement:

“Less contact does not mean less connection.”