50% OFF 22-inch Pizzas at Nell’s this Month

NYC inspired pizzeria, Nell’s has 50% off pizza at all three of its venues this January!

By Emma Davidson | 19 January 2022

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Pizza is just pretty perfect to be honest, isn’t it? Has your boss been a knob? Order a pizza. Dropped your phone down the bog? Order a pizza. Got the hangover from hell and think you might die? Then OBVIOUSLY order a pizza. 

If you do find yourself in any of these situations this January and subsequently swimming in a sea of carbs, you can also soften the blow to your wallet, because Nell’s is offering 50% off at all of its sites. 

Nell’s prides itself on having the best dough and the best ingredients, treated simply with care and attention. Their pizza dough is slow-fermented over 36 hours to allow for a perfect combination of strength for folding and lightness for enjoyment and uses 100% British organic flour. 

The end product is a thin, crisp base – topped with the best sustainable ingredients around, for potentially some of the best New York style pizza outside of the big apple itself. You can grab the pizza in a 22” or 14” version, or by the slice.

On the menu is your classic Margarita and Hawaiian if you’re staying safe, but Nell’s has got a lot more where those two came from!

The Cheese & Onion Pie Pizza is the restaurant’s take on the Northern staple, with burnt onions, Lancashire cheese, mozzarella, chives and parmesan. You can get yourself a 22” version of that for a mere 14 quid throughout Jan!

They’ve also got some great vegan options, too. The Vegan Mushroom Pizza consists of a roast garlic cashew cream base, chilli flakes, mushrooms, marinara sauce and thyme (£25 / £12.50 for 22″) and they also do your standard Marinara, a tomato base pizza, with oil, garlic and oregano (£18 / £9 for 22″).  

The deal is available Monday – Friday throughout January and the discount is off Nell’s ENTIRE menu, but only if you book in advance. So if you haven’t even made it out of made today, make sure this day is relatively productive by clicking the link below.


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