The 500-year-old method for making coffee... Turkish Coffee at KAI

Given its own identity and tradition through the unique taste, froth, aroma and brewing technique. 

By Alex Watson | 3 December 2019

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The first Turkish Coffee was of course made by the Turks in Arabian Peninsula by boiling coffee cherries. This new method revealed a new flavour of coffee, introducing to the rest of Europe as ‘Turkish Coffee’. 

The main difference to what we normally consider as coffee is the method and is actually the World’s oldest coffee brewing method. High quality arabica coffee is blended and roasted and finely ground. Mixed with water and the perfect amount of sugar, the coffee is made in a ‘cezve’ a Turkish coffee pot. 

It’s important to bring the coffee to a slow boil over a low heat. The coffee is then left to stand for a short time, allowing the grounds to settle at the bottom of the cup, unlike any old cup of coffee. 

The first Turkish coffee house is dated back as far as 1554 and rapidly grew across the city, Tahtakale. Coffee ended up becoming integral to Istanbul social culture.

Turkish coffee is known for it’s 3 main parts; foam, coffee and grounds. The soft, velvety and thick foam means the flavour lingers on the palate for longer and keeps the coffee warm for a long time. The coffee is described as thick and aromatic with a syrupy consistency.

And finally, you can even read your fortune with Turkish Coffee. Once you’ve finished your coffee, simply tip it upside down on the saucer and say ‘let my fortune match my state’. Allow the cup to fully cool and examine the patterns formed in the grounds.


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