A 6-course Vegan Tasting Menu Paired with Beer is coming to Alvarium

Alvairum and Beatnikz Republic are pairing up again for another show-stopping evening of vegan food and beer.

By Alex Watson | 28 January 2020

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This time taking place in the comfortable and floral setting of Alvarium, Beatnikz will be heading down bringing their infamous beers. While head chef, Adam will be hand-picking the fruit and veg found in your courses the day before!

Adam has carefully curated the menu working closely with their veg supplier Oliver Kay to ensure all products are ripe and ready.

As ever when dining at Alvarium, be prepared to be blown away with creativity and flavour profiles of each dish on the menu.

The evening kicks off at 6:30pm with the first course of Wild Rice Crispies and Porcini infused Oat Milk being served at 7pm sharp.

There’s one particular dish that has caught specifically mine and Ben’s eyes in the office. Firstly, I’m a massive fan of Alvarium’s Apple and Sage Mash to the point that this is the only way I make mash now. And secondly, there are Buckfast pickled onions.

If you’ve been a reader of Finest for more than a day, you’ll know exactly how Ben Brown feels about Buckfast. 

Anyway, the actual dish is a Hasselback heritage carrot with Buckfast pickled onions, a big old dollop of apple and sage mash and lashings of gravy. To complement the dish is a refreshing and slightly citrus Pale Ale, Off The Road.

To finish, and bear in mind this will be your second dessert folks, is the ooey gooey Chocolate Fudge served with Yorkshire rhubarb, pear custard and a sprinkling of caramelised oats.

Wash this dish down with a Kentucky Stout, made using a bourbon oak and muscovado sugar giving a thick and lush Kentucky inspired Stout. It’ll be the most luxurious course you’ll have that day, I promise.

There’s plenty more where that came from to so make sure you get your space quickly as spaces are limited.


Alvarium X Beatnikz Republic
6-Course Meal with paired beers

When: Tuesday 4th February
Time: 6:30pm
Where: Alvarium
Cost: £40pp

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