The Weekly Drool #023 - Wagyu Katsu Sando at Cottonopolis

It's one of the city's most expensive sandwiches - but for good reason!

By Ben Brown | 28 January 2020

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When it comes to butties it wasn’t until I was around 19 years old that I decided to ditch the Billy Bear ham and Lurpak and try something more adventurous. This, in part, was a result of a visit to New York – a place where a visit to any deli will result in some quite spectacular fillings.

So now I’m a sandwich expert, something that’s slowly seeped into my blood ever since me mam bought a butty shop a few years back. So, I know a good sarnie and this Wagyu creation from Cottonopolis is one of the best ever.

Sure, it’s pricey at £25 but you’re getting the city’s premium sandwich experience here. I promise.

Made using the most premium cut of beef you can get, from the most sought-after breed of cow in the world, this whole 5oz wagyu fillet steak sandwich suddenly doesn’t sound too steep the second it hits your mouth. It literally melts in your mouth and tastes sublime.

In addition, the sandwich comes served with an absolutely outstanding Burger Sauce which is familiar enough but with a typical Japanese twist which we’ve all come to expect from Cottonopolis.

Finished off with some Onion Kimchi and Spring Onion, this sandwich is, and probably always will be, the best butty money can buy in Manchester.


Wagyu Katsu Sando @ Cottonopolis

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Cottonopolis, 16 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AE