Our 6 Favourite Long Reads for Isolation this Week

Including Strangeways' most famous residents, the best venues from yesteryear and a battle rapping granny!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 8 April 2020

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Strangeway’s Most Famous Residents

Sophia Dellapina
There’s certainly a long, often sordid history to Manchester’s famous prison, and they’ve seen their fair share of evil bastards through their doors over the last 100 years or so. Here’s a list of the most famous of the lot, including Harold Shipman, Ian Brady, Ian Brown and surprisingly – David Dickinson off of Bargain Hunt.

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The Untold Story of Manchester’s Invisible Women

Alex Watson
The (untold) story of to women – Luchia Fitzgerald and Angela Cooper – both of whom have been vital in fighting for the rights for gay liberation – starting up the Manchester branch of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF), opening up Manchester’s first women’s refuge, and launching a radical queer printing press. Here is their story…

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A Singularity

Damo Jones
Not a Manchester’s Finest article but instead a debut novel by Finest friend Damo Jones. He’s decided to offer it for free on Amazon until midnight on Monday 6th April so click below to get it. He describes it as a thriller with shades of Black Mirror, Inception and Cloud Atlas, set in a perilous world on the brink of environmental collapse. Fitting somewhat I reckon. Once I’ve finished reading about Jack the Ripper in Ashton – I’ll be on this one.

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What happened to it? A retrospective look back at Manchester’s greatest venues

Ben Brown
This one came about after extensive (drunken) conversations with BB’s mam and her mates on all of the venues in Manchester that they used to frequent and all of their booze-soaked memories. So re-live and reminisce about classic places such as Rotters and Pips and more recent ones such as Picadilly 21s, The Bop and the always reliable One Central Street.

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Underground Heroes: Danny Fahey of Thirty Pound Gentleman

Marc Jorgensen
The first in our Underground Heroes series, Marc Jorgensen went and spoke to Danny Fahey, one of the first rappers in the UK to ever get a record deal and someone who is now using his industry experiences to coach and mentor some of Manchester’s best artists and young creatives. There’s also an accompanying video with this one too – so if you can’t read (or hate it) – you’re sorted.

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The Battle Rapping Granny of Afflecks

Ben Brown
Joy France is wonderful, and anybody who has had the pleasure of her company, even for just a few minutes, will know this. She not only runs a not-for-profit creative space on the top deck of Afflecks (which anybody can use for FREE) but she’s also a battle rapper – heading out to some of the biggest competitions in the world and doing really, really well. Read all about her story right here…

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