A Christmas Spa Complete with a Mulled Wine Filled Hot Tub has Opened in Cheshire

Who doesn't want an entire hot tub full of mulled wine this Christmas?

By Alex Watson | 30 November 2020

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I’d always say the only way to get in the festive spirit is with a bucket of mulled wine but one company have taken it a step further and quite literally filled a hot tub full of the stuff.

it’s not just a fad either – it’s actually supposed to have loads of benefits.

The warm wine opens your pores so you can get rid of all those bad toxins. Then, your skin will absorb the tannins, a natural antioxidant found in the mulled wine.

Tannins are found in fruits, vegetables and nuts – they’re that weird flavour on a grape skin – and are supposed to improve the look of your skin, fighting blemishes and improve the skin’s tone and texture.

That’s not all either, the spa says the festive drink will help ‘fight viruses’ (lord knows we need that) ‘and fungi whilst also improving cardiac health and increasing blood flow’.

The winter wonderland spa won’t leave you without a mug of the festive drink either – while you’re quite literally bathing in the stuff you can sip on a nice warm mug full too.

Other festive treatments include a 45-minute Frankincense massage or a body scrub using the festive flavour combination of brown sugar, cinnamon and orange which is supposed to bring blood flow back to the skin and ‘leave you glowing’.

If you fancy getting in the festive spirit, the Christmas spa is in Cheshire, at the newly refurbished Bazaar Spa & Silk Garden at Shrigley Hall in Macclesfield. Prices start at £60pp.

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