All The Pies! The Black Friar launches Daily Changing Pie & Mash Menu

Pie'm excited about this one, and I crust you are, too, as The Black Friar’s chefs are creating five new daily pie lineups for the next six weeks…

By Emma Davidson | 11 January 2022

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The Black Friar in Salford has been a big hit since it opened last year. Known for its unique take on traditional pub grub that develops into something fancier in the evening, the restaurant also attracted the attention of renowned food critic, Jay Rayner last December. 

Rayner described The Black Friar as “an ambitious pub which is evolving quickly”, eating everything from boar and pheasant, to scallops, and, the beloved pie during his visit, which he made a particular point of congratulating the restaurant on.

He described the finely crafted creations as “stacked to the lid with braised chicken and leek and very good”, with “rich and sticky and meaty” gravy, “the sort you’ll be licking off your lips for hours”. Sounds pretty damn good to me. 

It seemed this comment stuck with the restaurant, as last week it announced that for the next six weeks, its chefs will be creating a different line-up of pies daily from every Wednesday through to Saturday for you to get stuck into. Basically, a massive warm hug throughout these cold winter months!

The Pieday specials launched last Friday, with the line-up consisting of the veggie one with Spinach and Mushroom, a Classic Fish Pie, Chicken Kiev, Duck and Orange and a Chicken Fajita delight, too. All of the pies come with a side of mash or seasonal veg, and are just a tenner before 6.30pm.

In theory, the restaurant will serve a whopping 90 different pies across the next six weeks, so, if you haven’t managed to get yourself down to the pub that’s seemingly risen from the ashes of late, now’s your chance! 

Foodies are flocking to the joint after Rayner’s review and it’s a real gem, definitely worth the walk out of the city centre. Aside from the pies, The Black Friar is a dead cosy space for enjoying a few cocktails and fun times with pals, made even better by pie! 


“All The Pies” at The Black Friar

Date: Wednesday – Friday throughout January
Times: 12pm – 6:30pm
Cost: Pie & Mash with Veg – £10

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