Is Being Alone Helping or Hurting Creativity? A Discussion with Abnormal Sleepz, HMD, KONG & Falyra Bloom

Four of our favourite underground Manchester artists join us for a live 'Isolation Conversation' on how they're dealing with creative solitude and what this new landscape has to offer, good and bad.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 15 April 2020

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Artists are having to face the new challenge of operating in a world of social distancing as everyone combats the spread of COVID-19. Abnormal Sleepz, HMD, KONG and Falyra Bloom will be discussing this strange new situation they currently find themselves in and whether there are actually perks to social withdraw.

Can being alone stimulate your creativity and increase productivity? Or is the lack of face-to-face interaction with others going to hinder this process? The four artists will explore what they think is on the horizon and how musicians will navigate this unique opportunity to get super engaged with their fans.

HMD will be hosting the virtual round-table discussion – Born in Mogadishu, and raised in Manchester, by way of Denmark, his experiences and heritage have shaped his perspective on the world, which are grounded in moral quirks that defy his surrounding, living in inner-city Moss Side, Manchester. HMD’s music explores identity, love and loss through a sonic lens moulded by his formative years spent listening to pop and R&B while living in Denmark, and he has cemented his status as one of Manchester’s most intelligent vocalists.

Sitting (virtually) alongside HMD in the Isolation Conversation is his close friend and collaborator, Abnormal Sleepz, a multi-talented artist amongst a wave of Manchester excellence. His mostly self-produced debut album Kaleidoscope showcases the full range of his artistry. which features the much loved single above “Textures”.

KONG is a 21-year-old producer, DJ and artist hailing from South Manchester. He’s part of a wave of artists fusing together Jazzy, LoFi sounds with beats from bass music influences. KONG started out as a DJ and ran club events as a teenager, soon finding himself producing for the likes of Black Josh, EvaBee, Sangy and Akemi Fox, and later with the likes of Keyah Blu and Chunky. With many releases under way KONG’s soulful sonics are expected to blossom over the coming months.

Lastly Falyra Bloom, originally from a Greek, Russian and British background, moved to Manchester four years ago to pursue music and partake in a music course at Salford University. She merges R&B/Soul music with her own unique sound and has a passion for the soulful powerhouse sound. You can’t really put Falyra in a box though as she has worked with various producers creating songs of different genres such as House, Jazz, and Trap.

Manchester’s Finest LIVE presents…
Isolation Conversations: Is Being Alone Helping or Hurting Creativity?
with Abnormal Sleepz, HMD, KONG & Falyra Bloom

Live-streamed on Manchester’s Finest Facebook account

Date: Thursday 16th April 2020
Time: 7pm

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