Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 22nd – 28th February 2020

The HOTTEST curry in Manchester, deep-fried lasagne, doughnuts and of course, PANCAKES!

By Manchester's Finest | 28 February 2020

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The Killer Carolina Reaper Karahi (basically fire) 
Manchester’s Hottest Curry is on the list of best things we ate this week and I’ll be honest with you I wish it wasn’t. It was delicious, I have to put that out there. But it very nearly killed me. I’m used to Korma’s so for around 24 hours I thought my life was over. It was literally hotter than the sun. If you think you’re hard enough, wait for next year’s Chilli Day and another Zouk special. This year’s curry was hotter than last years, so I’m praying I’m busy that day in 2021 and someone else can eat it. I don’t even think you need to see a picture of it, just look at our faces. – Alex Watson


Deep-Fried Lasagne
What more can you say about deep-fried lasagne? We all know that’s gonna be absolutely terrific. – Joe Wilson 

Chicken Shawarma
The Refuge
Slow roasted to perfection and packed full of flavour, we’re a huge fan of the lamb shawarma at The Refuge so it was a no brainer we had to try this last night. Served with their famous harissa and herb yoghurt. There was also a sprinkling of rose petals to just add that extra bit of gorgeousness. – Gabby Ball


Feta & Avocado
Pen & Pencil
Few things are better than an avocado and poached egg combo. I know it’s dead trendy and seriously basic – but why knock something that works SO well!? Pen & Pencil’s take on the dish adds on feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, siracha and a mix of seeds and nuts for an extra crunch. It was absolutely mega. – India Morris


Custard Doughnut
We don’t know much about Gooey but we know we want more. The cookie & doughnut brand has quietly opened up shop serving out of Wilson’s Coffee (the Hatters hostel reception between corner boy and Wilson’s has morphed into a coffee shop overnight). Walk by the window and see what catches your eye. also, duh?! Custard Doughnut??? Gonna be the best thing I eat when I eat one!! – James Barker 


DIY Pancakes
Pancake Day this year was an absolute success. We took our meeting to Cultureplex and tucked into the build your own pancakes which are unfortunately no longer available – you’ll just have to wait until next year! The concept meant you could get as many toppings as you wanted, weirdly we all kept it pretty normal. Obviously we took time to get a few photos in the stunning terrace. – Ellie Edginton