Roast of the Week: The Hangover Tray at Cane & Grain

What's not to like - meat? Good. Crispy potatoes? Seriously good. Mac & cheese? Shovel it straight into my face.

By Alex Watson | 28 February 2020

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I’ve officially reached that age where hangovers are within the top 5 worst things on earth. I know that sounds dramatic but also – it’s very true and I’m 100% sure that you can relate.

One night of boozing writes me off for a solid 2-3 business days and I cannot be held responsible for anything I say in that 4 hour period when I’ve just woken up.

There are very few things that make it easier to get through. One is watching repeats of QI non-stop until my brain doesn’t understand words anymore.

And number two is eating this very tray of seriously good grub from Cane & Grain. 

Now bear with me because it’s sort of not a roast but it also definitely is a roast – and really, who defines a roast? We didn’t say it was a roast dinner anywhere did we!

Completed with half a roast chicken, tender strips of their signature smoked beef brisket, a massive pile of excessively crispy roast potatoes, a side of greens and the only thing that makes life worth living, mac and cheese.

All served to you on a tray that means you can shovel it straight into your gob without having to move that much.

Meat, gravy, crispy potatoes, cheese, pasta and some vegetables for good measure – what more could your body crave if it’s hungover?

I’m struggling to think.

The tray comes in at £15, a low price to pay to defeat the hangover gods and get back on the waggon with a pint in hand.

You can share it if you want – but I know, and you know, that you’re not going to do that.


Hangover Tray from Cane & Grain

Venue: Cane & Grain
Date: Every Sunday
Time: From 12pm
Cost: £15

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Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 839 7033