There's a brand new exhibition at Electrik celebrating Manchester's Skyline

'Where some may see ugliness, I wanted to show the boldness and vibrancy the cranes are adding not only to the skyline but to the city’s future.'

By Alex Watson | 28 February 2020

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This week sees the launch of a brand new exhibition at Electrik featuring the work of Emma Evans who has created abstract artwork based on the evolving Manchester Landscape taking pride of place on the walls of the Chorlton bar.

If you’ve ever left Manchester for a small stretch of time – I have and I immediately couldn’t wait to get back – you know that when you do, the paths you used to walk down will have already changed.

There might be a secret pathway you take to get down to Oxford Road that suddenly has a building in the middle of it. Every time you look up there’s brand new skyscrapers towering over us. And we can’t complain – it’s a sign of economic growth for the city.

Emma noticed just that and curated artwork to celebrate the evolving city she has called home for many years.

Originally from a commercial fashion background, Emma has travelled the world from Morocco to Hong Kong and even Bangladesh, all inspiring vibrancy and energy into her work.

But the pull of Manchester has always drawn her back.

“One of my first pieces documenting ‘evolving Manchester’ aimed to capture the old and new along with the rapidly changing skyline. It featured the town hall and the Beetham tower as old complementing new along with the cranes which now dominate the views here. Where some may see ugliness, I wanted to show the boldness and vibrancy the cranes are adding not only to the skyline but to the city’s future.”

All the pieces on display at Electrik have been created specifically for the exhibition in slightly smaller scale pieces than what Emma usually creates but all still just as bold and vibrant.

We asked Emma, why Electrik? The answer was simple. Electrik is a Manchester institution, you don’t need to live in Chorlton to know what it is and that’s special for a neighbourhood bar.”

“The guys there know their music and culture and even being considered to work with them is just massive for me, I also have loads of mates in Chorlton so having the opportunity to display my work in their local is really exciting.”

Emma will also have a pop-up shop with 10% of profits being donated to Andy Burnhams’ ‘Bed Every Night’ charity.

The FREE schooners will be available for the first hour of the night and it’s first come first serve so be sure to get down quickly – and why not get a pizza while you’re at it?!



Evolving Exhibition
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