There are 20 brand NEW games at Crystal Maze

and they are.... a-MAZE-ing (sorry).

By Alex Watson | 28 February 2020

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For a while, I didn’t know what Crystals Maze was. Now I realise, at the 30 year anniversary of it first hitting the telly boxes, why.

I’m only 23.

But that does not stop me from getting involved in a bit of organised fun – which we all know I’m a big fan of.

The new games fit in with the four original themed adventure zones (Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic) and complement the existing games that have stood the test of time, making Crystal Maze the longest-serving theatrical experience in Manchester.

Opening up in the Medieval zone is Crossbow Castle, which requires impeccable aim. There’s also a new skills-based challenge in the Industrial Zone, Crack The Safe, that requires Einstein levels of mathematical powers (I’m kidding – but at least GCSE level fo’sho).

In the Aztec Zone you’ll find Hoopla, Eggy Swamp and Basketball. Tucked away in the Futuristic Zone is a new mystery game, Lab Accident which sees a clue trail left behind by a scientist after a radiation leak.

That’s not all – alongside the new 20 games, the original 11 games have been refreshed with new gameplay, meaning that really, there are 31 NEW games to play!

The games took A WHOLE YEAR to design, install and get ready for some a-MAZE-ing fun.

The new games are available to play NOW at the Crystal Maze so get involved folks!

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