Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 7th February – 13th March 2020

From Manchester's poshest kebab to lobster mac & cheese - we're feeling a bit Hyacinth Bouquet this week.

By Alex Watson | 13 March 2020

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Lobster Mac & Cheese 
Lobster Mac & Cheese is just about the perfect balance between opulence and common as muck. But when the food is this good you’re really not thinking about social status. It’s cheese and gooey and all kinds of good stuff. The addition of fresh lobster just takes it to the next level and is easily something everyone needs to have in their March diets. – Alex Watson


Venison Poutine 
Easily the poshest kebab in Manchester ever is the Venison Poutine available down at BAB. It’s also an absolutely 10/10 on the deliciousness scale. I strongly urge you to get involved. – Jale Hardy 


Mutton Henry
By now I’m sure you’re aware that lamb is my absolute favourite meat. But it is most definitely a treat. I always ordered it when I eat out because I know I can’t do it justice if I tried to cook it at home. Mutton Henry is a Cumbrian speciality. At Elnecot they served up the succulent meat with celeriac fondant, swede, Roscoff onion covered in dripping and black garlic yoghurt. Bloody terrific. – Joe Wilson 


Pie Hard 2: Pie Harder @ Crazy Pedro’s
Oh aye. I spend two weeks in the USA, eat too much food, drink too much booze, have a brilliant time, get married to a lovely lady and then come back to this – a special at Pedro’s where they’ve shoved a load of Chicken & Mushroom Pies on top. Genius or what!? It was then rather unfortunate that I had to dress up like John McClane again for the video but scoffing slices between takes more than made up for it. – Ben Brown


Full English in a Bowl
Bread Plus Bowl
The biggest problem with a full English is not enough bread to gobble it all down with. That problem has well and truly been fixed by Bread Plus Bowl. It is exactly what it says on the tin. Turning a giant white cob into a bowl and stuffing it full of anything they can imagine. You can get Mac & Cheese and plenty of other choices but my personal favourite is the breakfast though. What better than sausage, egg, beans, bacon, spinach and a WHOLE LOAF OF BREAD. – Charlotte Warrior