Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 13th – 19th April 2019

Including Record Store Day, Wes Anderson, Jilly’s Rockworld, Duck Races and more…

By Ben Brown | April 12th '19

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Next week it's Easter so that means that we're only in work for 4 days! Fuck yeah! Unless you work in retail or a bar or restaurant or something. Sorry. Record Store Day 2019 Saturday 13th April The biggest day in the vinyl calendar, Record Store Day gives everyone the chance to show off just how great their musical tastes are, picking up some exclusive one-off records that they can whip out late on a Friday night to woo some poor sod that they've managed to get back to theirs. All the while I'm rooting through a bargain bin in a charity shop in Cheadle, looking for that elusive Alvin & The Chipmunks Go To Hawaii album I’ve always wanted. Whatever your music tastes there'll be something for you on Saturday and the establishments of Manchester won't let you down. Here's a round-up of what's going on. The Best Things to do on Record Store Day 2019 in Manchester   A Tribute To Jilly’s Rockworld @ The Ritz Saturday 13th April There'll be lots of people reading this who won't remember Jilly's Rockworld. Actually, there won't be because only about 4 people read this, but if more people did there would be a big proportion who don't know what it is. Which is a shame really because it was one of Manchester's longest running and most-loved nights - a very messy affair where you were always guaranteed a proper good time. Well this Saturday sees Jilly return, this time with a tribute night at The Ritz. So get your baggy jeans on, put your hair into little spikes and rip the sleeves off your t-shirt so everyone can see your tribal tattoo - this is going to be a good one! Buy Tickets   Wilderness Record Store Opening Saturday 13th April A new venture from the minds behind Science & Industry, Bunny Jacksons and Junkyard Golf - Wilderness is a brand-new record store that's opening up in Withington and as you'd expect from this lot - there's going to be a big bloody party to celebrate. Opening up on Record Store Day (clever), they'll be handing out complimentary drinks and tote bags, as well as hosting a top party in Solomon’s round the corner in the evening, featuring a long list of DJs through the night. I'll be there too so if you've been wanting to punch me in the face over something - this is your chance. More Info   Game of Thrones Season 8 @ The Range Monday 15th April I feel I must come clean here and proclaim that I've hardly been able to think of anything else other than Game of Thrones for the past 3 weeks now. My diet has gone to shit, my gym trainers are gathering dust and my subscription to Netflix has been pissed up the wall. Basically, all I've been doing is watching old episodes of the Thrones and thinking about what COULD happen in season 8. Well, the wait is over and this Monday (or Sunday if you are a pirate) sees the first episode hit our screens. What will happen? Fuck knows. It'll be fun though. If you're looking to watch it somewhere a bit special - the gang over at The Range are playing it on their impressive 160-inch HD screens. See you on the other side. More Info   Ghost the Musical @ Palace Theatre Starts Tuesday 16th April Sitting pretty as perhaps Patrick Swayze's 4th best film after Road House, Point Break and Steel Dawn, Ghost is a pretty iconic film and certainly up there as one of the best romantic films of all time. Sure, Whoopi Goldberg ruins pretty much every single bit of it but Swayze is sexy as fuck and Demi Moore acts her socks off so it's certainly worth a watch. This stage musical will most likely closely follow the plot of the film, as people start dying all over the place and pennies get pushed up walls. This would be perfect for a date actually - just make sure you don't get too involved and start crying - you'll look weird. Buy Tickets   The Good The Bad & The Queen @ Albert Hall Tuesday 16th April Damon Albarn likes to get his fingers in a fair few pies, doesn't he? Not only is he in that Gorillaz lot, he's also still doing bits and pieces for Blur, he's writing musicals about flying monkeys, making his own range of organic plum wines for Waitrose, filling in for his local Lollypop Lady and I also hear that he's been poking his nose around the Epping Forest Garden Centre looking for advice on breeding roses with dandelions. He's also in 'super group' The Good The Bad & The Queen who are playing at the Albert Hall this Tuesday. There are still tickets left if you want to go and see him. And maybe the others. Buy Tickets   OverDrawn @ The Bay Horse Tavern Wednesday 17th April Now a monthly regular occurrence over at Ben Brown's favourite NQ boozer, whoever at the Bay Horse Head Office decided to book the OverDrawn lot deserves a raise. Or at the very least a 4 Finger Kit-Kat. If you've never been to an OverDrawn event, or more likely not read the many things I've written about them in the past - the idea is simple. It's all about art. They turn up, cover all the tables in paper, throw some pens down and wait for people to arrive. Once there's people they then start doing live art and illustration 'showdowns' - that sort of stuff. You can even buy bits of art from local artists, talk about art, doodle and generally have a good time. You should go. It's also FREE! More Info   The Refuge Easter Weekender: Steve Davis & Kavus Thursday 18th April As I mentioned so kindly in my short introduction, next week is Easter and so many of the city's establishments are kicking the whole holiday off on Thursday with a wide range of events and happenings. One such event is a Refuge Arms Pub Rave with Steve Davis. Yes, the snooker player Steve Davis. A few years ago, he decided to throw his pool cue in the wheelie bin and went on down to Comet with the kids to buy a turntable and some AUX cables. He's now one of the most impressive and respected DJs you're likely to see, and along with his mate Kavus they're going to ensure The Refuge Easter Weekender gets off to a fucking smashing start. More Info   Wes Anderson Family Easter Party @ YES Friday 19th April Films that are perfect if you're a little bit kooky, a tad quirky and rather hipster - Wes Anderson's back catalogue contains a range of films that are not only difficult to describe using words but are also actually pretty brilliant. This Good Friday YES will be hosting a Family Wes Anderson Easter Party that features a Fancy-Dress Competition, a Rock n Roll Disco from the Remake Remodel lot, Nature Activities, Easter Egg Hunts, Face Painting and loads more that I can't go to because I don't have a child. And hate them. If none of this is enough to entice you and your little ones - know this - Flubber isn't on telly this Easter, I checked. So this is the next best way to entertain those little gargoyles of yours. Buy Tickets   The Brainwave Manchester Duck Race Friday 19th April It's that time of year again. Yaaay! The Manchester Duck Race is back and this Friday sees a shit load of plastic duckies get thrown into the River Irwell where they will need to navigate stones, shopping trolleys, twigs and the odd dead dog to be crowned the winner! What does the winner receive? Sorry, I don't have a bloody clue. It doesn't matter though because it's all for charity, with all proceeds going to Brainwave which supports kids with a range of conditions have better lives. Alongside the race will be some fairground rides, street food and apparently some celebrity appearances. Hopefully they've not booked Donald Duck, I've heard the bugger can't swim. Yes! Best joke this week. Get a Duck STEVEN'S GIG OF THE WEEK.... Ramriddlz & HMD @ Band on the Wall Friday 19th April Each week our resident music expert Steven Pankhurt will be picking his favourite gig - the one you should definitely get yourself down to. This week it's Ramriddlz - a Canadian bloke who's doing pretty well for himself since his debut EP 'P2P' went apeshit on the Internet. Supporting him will be Finest favourite HMD whose recent tune DEEN has been received very well by the music-listening public also. On the bill as well is Evabee and Robin Knightz in case you're wondering. 4 acts for £14 quid - good value for money that. Buy Tickets