You can now dine for 2 for £25 in West Didsbury...

Bringing back their most popular specials of 2019 for a unique January menu, Volta has curated a 7-dish menu that's built for 2.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 28 January 2020

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I’m not sure if I will actually get fired for saying this, but I have never ventured out to Didsbury. I know, I’m sorry. Let that sink in and hopefully, you still respect me enough to continue reading.

I’m not particularly sure how I’ve gotten this far in my life without heading down south to easily the most popular part of the burbs. But somehow I have.

I briefly remember going to a house party when I was in college that I think was in Didsbury. But it wasn’t someone I knew very well and I don’t think we were even allowed inside. And I was also hammered so actually, I could’ve been anywhere. 

Anyway, today I headed down south taking refuge in Volta and I tell you what, I know what everyone’s buzzin about now don’t I!?

We were lucky enough to sample the new January Menu that’s coming to Volta on Tuesday 7th. The menu has 3 options, as usual at Volta, one Meat, one Fish and one Vegan. 

Known across the land for their globally inspired small plates, Volta has handpicked 7 of their favourite monthly specials from throughout the past year and brought them back for an extra special January menu. 

On the fish option is a delicious and creamy Keralan Fish Curry a sweet coconut dish, with flaky Coley fish poached in a curry sauce completed with a hint of spice from Kashmiri chilli.

The meat option includes the famous Lamb Shawarma, it’s slow-cooked, shredded and grilled to get crispy bits and served with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. The meat is meltingly tender, dripping with roasting juices from being slow-cooked on the bone.

It’s perfectly seasoned with cumin, chilli and paprika and finally, served with harissa and Greek yoghurt. Stuff a flatbread cone with all the delicious lamb and you’re on to a winner. 

Alongside each of these dishes on both the Meat and Fish Menu there’s also, Manchego Cheese served with chutney, Smoked feta & beetroot, Chickpea Dal, Tenderstem Broccoli, Flat Bread and Pardon Peppers. 

There are two stand-out dishes on the vegan option that include the Chargrilled Cauliflower and Grilled Aubergine. 

Cauliflower and the abundance of imagination that comes with cooking it never ceases to amaze me. For such a bland vegetable, there’s so much you can do with it and it always ends up being my favourite thing on any menu. Especially when it’s slightly chargrilled and served in a delicious cauliflower puree sauce base with added tahini, harissa and squeeze of lemon.

The grilled aubergine could fool any meat lover into wondering what this is. Steam and pressed overnight before grilling for service leaving the aubergine with a tender texture with just enough chew. 

On the vegan option there is also Baba Ghanoush, Chickpea Dal, Tenderstem Broccoli, Smoked Marcona Almonds and Flatbread. 

Each menu is designed with sharing in mind, and perfect for 2. The Vegan Menu is £20 and the Meat and Fish Menu is £25


January @ Volta
7 dishes for 2 for £25

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