The Christmas Dinner Grilled Cheese Toastie you NEED to try!

Yep, you read that right. Northern Soul have done it again and made the best thing since sliced bread.

Until I tried this, I had no idea the thing missing from my Christmas Dinner was cheese and bread. And I feel as though I’ve been living a lie ever since.

Once you give this a try, you’ll realise exactly what I’m talking about.

The combination of cheese, gravy, turkey and cranberry sauce is an absolute flavour revelation and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my life before without it.

If there’s one thing Northern Soul do well, it’s doing everything in excess. Now, I mean this in THE most positive light possible.

I’m talking about the extremely melty cheese and a crap tonne of it, a heck of a lot of cranberry sauce, unreal amounts of turkey and lashings of gravy.

No expense is spared in making this the best Christmas Dinner you’ve ever had.

Now that’s a bold statement I know. But I think it might trump even my mums Christmas Dinner. ANYTHING between two slices of bread is instantly a hell of a lot better. And my mum agrees with that so I don’t think she’ll take offence.

Chuck a load of melty melty oozy cheese on there and jobs a good ‘un.


Northern Soul Grilled Cheese stall is NOW OPEN in Alberts Square Christmas Markets and you best believe they’ll be a queue of folk wanting the ultimate Christmas Dinner Toastie.



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