COMING SOON: Make the Perfect Poutine at Home with Blue Caribou

You'll be sent everything you need to make poutine at home.

By Manchester's Finest | 23 June 2020

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I know there’ll be many of you scoffing and saying – it’s really easy to make Poutine – all it is is chips, cheese and gravy – anyone can make it at home.

How wrong you are.

Well, okay, simple chips cheese and gravy is easy. Get some Home Fries, some Bisto Best and a block of Cathedral City and you’re good to go – but that isn’t Poutine is it!?

Nah, Poutine is much more than that – something that the lads from Blue Caribou have shown over the last few years with extended stints at Hatch and most recently the Arndale Market.

The chips are to be hand-cut, double fried with skin on and the cheese isn’t just normal cheese – it’s cheese curds – something that you’ll have considerable difficulty finding in your local ALDI.

Finally, the gravy is what brings it all together – a labour of many hours’ love and dedication. Blue Caribou would frequently have many different variations, with their Chicken Gravy being something of a stand-out star.

Since finishing up at the Arndale Market, they’re moving into the ‘at home’ market – most likely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. So keep your eyes peeled as they’ll soon be offering at home DIY Kits to make the perfect Poutine in your very own home.


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