COMING SOON: "Truly creative masterpiece" sandwiches from FATBUN

Lunch in Manchester is about to get a whole lot better with new sandos from 'FATBUN'.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 8 April 2021

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_fatbun/Instagram // @clairefoodshots

Taking inspiration from their travels around the globe, each MASSIVE ‘fat bun’ is described as a ‘truly creative masterpiece’.

Using quality ingredients sourced as close to home as possible each sando is built in their kitchen at FATBUN HQ.

Each FATBUN is served warm and pretty much comes with a guarantee to leave you stuffed.

The sandwich shop works completely online, with orders made via Instagram or online. Then you simply pick up your sandwich at your selected time.

_fatbun/Instagram // @clairefoodshots

The menu includes four sandwiches currently and it’s nice and easy to understand too. There’s ‘The Meat One’ (£8.50) packed full of a six-hour Moroccan-glazed lab shoulder served with caramelised shallots, green olive and toasted almond salsa. There’s also a drizzle of FATBUN anchovy mayo, house-pickled apricots and a sprinkling of crispy onions.

‘The Fish One’ (£8.50) includes ‘chip shop curry’ code goujons with dill pickle and caper salsa, plus baby gem lettuce, pea ketchup, FATBUN malt vinegar mayo and plantain crisps.

You don’t even need to worry about finding the vegetarian options as that is as easy as ordering ‘The Veggie One’ or ‘The Vegan One’.

_fatbun/Instagram // @clairefoodshots

The Veggie One comes with roasted butternut squash ‘Rogan Josh’ while the vegan is Korean-fried cauliflower nuggets with sticky gochujang glaze. Both will set you back £8.50.

Of course, the menu is more than just mega sandos with a range of ‘friends’ (sides) too. There’s everything you love plus things you might have never tried like Corn Ribs (£4) served with chipotle sour cream, spring onion and fresh lime.

There’s also Smashed Cucumbers (£2) served with black rice vinegar and toasted sesame.

_fatbun/Instagram // @clairefoodshots

If you can’t decide opt for the ‘Rule of 6’ FATBUN picnic feast which features, any six FATBUNS, any six friends, drinks and sweets too for £15 per person.

The drink menu is a specially curated list of artisan drink brands of grown-up low sugar alternatives.

For those with a sweet tooth, the sweets menu includes treats from Disco Biscuit and The Cheesfake Company.

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