Deep-Fried Lasagne, Nutella Pizza & more at Ciaooo

Yep, you read that right - they've really deep-fried a lasagne!!

By Alex Watson | 6 March 2020

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Cheese, tomato and pasta is one of life’s greatest combinations. It’s heartwarming, relaxed and always effortlessly delicious.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – the folk down at Ciaooo have started deep-frying slices of lasagne and we couldn’t be more excited about it if we tried.

The crispy delicious bites started out as a special but proved that popular they’ve had to keep them on!

The fun doesn’t stop there. You can also get your paws on Deep-Fried Carbonara if that’s your thing (with both the Deep-Fried Lasange & Carbonara coming in at just £7 each!).

Ciaooo is also famed for its Burrata  (whether that’s in the middle of their delicious parma ham We Mama Pizza or stuffed with pistachios and covered with Nutella and biscuits with their special Burrata Dessert). 

To start you off, it’s only right to begin with garlic bread.

There are loads of options but my favourite has to be the Garlic Bread topped with Cheese, Nduja and Honey.  A sweet and spicy garlic bread that will be like none you’ve ever eaten – trust me.

And finally, on my list of the best crazy delicious inventions available at Ciaooo – The Nutella Pizza.

Drizzled in a bucket load of Nutella and crumbled Biscoff, this dessert pizza is the thing of dreams. (in fact, it’s wormed its way into my dreams ever since I scoffed it).

Get down to Ciaooo and grab yourself a delicious slice of Neapolitan pizza in one hand and an Aperol Spritz in the other and I promise there will be a few seconds of your life where you think you’re actually in Italy.

But then you’ll look outside at the Mancunian rain and instantly be transported back to reality, so sorry.

At least the food is mega though!



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Ciaooo, 62-64 Swan St, Manchester M4 5JU