Get 3 Limited Edition Cocktails in the Northern Quarter this weekend...

It's all to celebrate a very important day - National Rum Day!

By Alex Watson | 14 August 2020

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For a while now, we’ve been rooting for Rum to become the next big drink trend and we’re definitely not the only one.

Known for its versatility, you can drink rum on its own, mix with coffee, sip as you enjoy a cigar or combine with just about any mixer for an incredible cocktail.

Luckily everyone’s favourite spot for alfresco cocktails has created three brand spanking new rum cocktails for us all to enjoy for this weekend only.

And you probably should have them all!


Coffee Rum Tini
We’ll kick off with a coffee hit because knowing you lot, you were on the booze last night and need a bit of waking up.

This one is a twist on the classic espresso martini, made from Pompero Dark Rum with Kahula, an espresso shot, sugar and aqua faba for a really thick and luxurious foam.

We all already know just how good Alvarium is at Espresso Martinis and I’m kinda hoping this one stays on the menu.



Old Cuban
For the main course on your three-course rum cocktail meal we’re going for something refreshing and strong.

A simple mix of lemon, lime, sugar and White Pampero shaken well over ice and served with a slapped mint sprig to really give you that refreshing feeling.

Oh – and the best thing about this one? It’s topped with Prosecco! Get that Friday feelin’ baby!!!



Cranberry Mojito
For your third course, it’s time for something sweet. A mix of Pompero Dark with lime, mint, sugar and a good glug of cranberry juice.

There are no bookings at Alvarium at the minute but they’ve got a brand new outside seating area that will fit you and all your mat– household.

Have a cracking Rum Day everyone. Cheers!


Alvarium, Manchester M4 1LU