Get Busy & Keep Cooking with Open Kitchen MCR

The waste food not for profit is still going and helping you cook from home!

By Alex Watson | 18 March 2020

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They are about to start making ‘home-cooked’ meals, portioned out in microwaveable containers to help those who are being affected first hand by self-isolation.

Under normal circumstances, Open Kitchen MCR uses food from local businesses around Manchester that would otherwise go to waste to help provide nutritious and hot food to vulnerable people.

As more and more restaurants feel the strains of the current situation, food donations are on the decline.

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As more people are affected by the Covid-19 whether that be directly or through following the social distancing protocols, this could lead to a huge number of people such as children who normally receive free school dinners with reduced access to food.

Open Kitchen MCR are currently in contact with Manchester and Greater Manchester authorities to help create a coordinated response.

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They’re first and foremost looking for donations to help support the delivery service and are asking for donations via Paypal with every penny helping.

Secondly, any businesses who have food that is likely to be going to waste, they’re asking you to get in touch by emailing

And finally, if you can cook or you can drive you can give the gift of your time to help prepare or deliver the service by getting in touch on

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