Get a History Lesson on Henry VIII from Danny Dyer...

Or a Geography lesson off of Sir David Attenborough!

By Manchester's Finest | 24 April 2020

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Most of my teachers at school were either complete lunatics, boring or two one naughty kid throwing a chair in the classroom away from a nervous breakdown.

In fact, I’m struggling to remember any of them to be fair – so they clearly had a lasting effect on my life.

Kids these days definitely have it better. Not only do they get to stay at home instead of going to school, their teachers are also absolute legends.

As part of the BBC’s new Bitesize programme, launched to help parents with all of their homeschooling, a long list of celebrities have stepped up to teach kids some of the National Curriculum, including Doctor Who herself Jodie Whittaker, Oldham lad Professor Brian Cox and wait for it… Danny Dyer.

Yep, the cockney wideboy is teaching kids all about how much of a mug Henry VIII was and how ‘orrible he was to his various missus’.

But that’s not all – Sir David Attenborough – national treasure and probably the nicest bloke you’d ever meet is teaching Geography. How good is that!? AND you don’t need to be a kid to watch – just head on over to the BBC Bitesize website for all the videos.

BBC Bitesize