Grab HALF PRICE Pancakes at Ducie Street Warehouse for Pancake Day

Arguably one of the best days of the year, it’s pancake day tomorrow and Ducie Street Warehouse are offering their finest fluffy stacks at half the price.

By Emma Davidson | 28 February 2022

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Who would’ve thought the combination of milk, eggs and flour paired with a dusting of sugar and a squeeze of processed, plastic lemon would be so god-damn delicious?

If you didn’t know, it’s Pancake Day tomorrow, the day where we all scour the supermarket for our favourite toppings that usually sell out by 2pm, forcing us to dig out an old lemon we’d bought for a Christmas G&T to pair with a bit of sticky caster sugar instead. 

Not that I’m complaining, though, as I’m a traditionalist when it comes to pancake toppings. The furthest I’ll go is a dollop of nutella and strawberries, but that’s at a PUSH and it could never beat the zesty, tarty goodness of lemon and sugar.

But, if you’re after something a bit more extra and can’t be bothered to cook your own to celebrate tomorrow, Ducie Street Warehouse has got you covered. 

Fresh off their brand-new brunch menu, which debuted on Saturday alongside the finest disco tunes spun by Danielle Moore from Crazy P, you can grab their Homemade Pancake stack which features Maple Syrup, blueberries, crushed Pecans and Lemon Zest.

They’re offering this at half the price tomorrow, which means you can grab the dish for £4.25 instead of the usual £8.50. This special price is for tomorrow only and is available from 7.30am until 9pm.

You can either book in advance via the link below or, Ducie Street is also taking walk-ins if you’re not sure what time you’ll be there, but you can’t face missing out!

The venue also recently launched their brunch menu which features a whole host of incredible dishes for you to feast on alongside the pancake stack. You can grab variations of Eggs Benedict, a full fry up or, a sweet-treat in the form of a breakfast Knickerbocker Glory (I’m not kidding). It comes with Northern bloc Vanilla ice cream, poached plums, ‘Gooey’ cookie pieces, whipped cream, peanuts, cherries and wafers. Wowza.

The brunch menu is available every Saturday 11am – 4pm, and their Disco Brunch parties take place on the last Saturday of the month!


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