Haunted Manchester: Explore this Creepy Abandoned Hospital in Stretford

The Stretford Memorial Hospital closed in 2015, but they left almost everything behind...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 26 October 2021

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As it gets closer to Halloween and people start talking about horror films and scary stories, now is the time to bring out the big guns – and nothing is scarier that exploring an old abandoned building.

I mean, there could be a zombie or a monster or a weird evil clown lurking behind any corner, and if my experience of watching shite horror films on Netflix is correct, then there almost certainly will be.

This brings me on to a couple of fellas who go out and actively explore these kinds of places for your viewing pleasure. One such person is Adam Mark, who recently grabbed a couple of his mates and went to walk around the VERY creepy abandoned Stretford Memorial Hospital.

Now, the hospital itself was built all the way back in 1850 as a private residence known as Basford House. It was designed in an Italianate style meaning it sort of resembles an Italian Renaissance building, but a bit more modern. Well, that’s as simple as I can make it – if you really want to know what ‘Italianate’ style means in terms of architecture – feel free to spend around 2 years of your life doing your own research.

It doesn’t really matter what architectural style it has really, all you need to know is that it started out as a private residence and was then lent to the British Red Cross as an auxiliary hospital during the First World War. It was then converted into a maternity hospital in 1925, and one of the Bee Gee’s was even born here in 1958!

The hospital closed its doors for good in 2015, with all services being transferred to Trafford General Hospital just down the road. When they were leaving though – they seemingly decided to leave everything behind.

Not the MRI scanners or anything like that, but most of the furniture and many of the fixtures and fittings still remain, a fact that Adam and his fellow Urban Explorers uncover in their most recent video.

You can watch the video here or go to Adam’s YouTube channel to check it out (as well as his other brilliant videos of him exploring some mad places).

My advice? Have a couple of beers, turn out the lights and get the vid on the big telly and prepare to be truly creeped out.