Introducing the Manchester-based lifestyle brand bringing a taste of Southern Italy to the city

From candles to bowls and soon a small capsule wardrobe collection.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 14 May 2020

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Manchester-based couple, Dean and Gabriella have just launched a brand new lifestyle company, io e te.

io e te means ‘me and you’. The brand is inspired by a shared passion for travel, culture and mutual visual aesthetic.

Gabriella’s Southern Italian heritage where food, love, family and friends are everything, heavily influences the brand.

Inspired by, Tropea, a beautiful and ancient town where Gabriella’s family were born and raised, the lifestyle brand has beautiful homeware products in their new line, including ‘Candela Conchiglia’ a candle in a seashell.

The brand, although always filled with these southern Italian influences, highlights the importance of the journey of sourcing the items, ensuring they are unique and limited.

‘We like the idea of it being limited and unique so each time we will find different products to bring back, making it exciting of what will come next.’

The new homeware line was launched this week and already many of the pieces have sold out. Each piece comes in eco-friendly packaging, including recycled materials.

Next up for io e te, is a small unisex clothing range, the pair hopes to come out later this year which will also be inspired by Tropea.

‘We have so many ideas and in time our goal would be to have a small lifestyle store in Manchester that could combine all these elements we are working towards.’

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