Learn how to make the perfect loaf of bread with the Virtual Baking Club

Knead to know how to make the perfect dough?

By Alex Watson | 24 April 2020

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Credit: Jude Infantini / Unsplash

It’s official, we’ve all turned into our grandparents. There’s an actual jigsaw shortage, the baking aisles have been ransacked and everyone is doing up their houses themselves.

But most of us, used to the luxury of the 21st century, have no clue how to do most of those things.

I have no idea where to begin making a loaf of bread and if you’re like me there’s a brand new Baking Cub that is creating a helpful and happy place filled with advice on baking.

The duo behind the multi-award-winning team at Loving Artisan Bakery, Aidan Monks and Catherine Connor, have created The Loving Artisan Baking Club.

They will be teaching you the science (and it is a science!) behind making beautiful bread, including offering an understanding behind what is happening behind each stage of the process.

Credit: Nadya Spetnitskaya / Unsplash

They will also be giving valuable insight into how to make the perfect starter (what’s used for sourdough) and how to use it.

And finally, they’ll be showing you how to knead, prove and shape your dough including the importance of scoring and how best to store your bread for lasting freshness.

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