Let’s Talk About It: Disability & Society at SICK Festival

The talk will open a conversation about living with a disability in society, touching on a variety of topics from technology to austerity.

By Alex Watson | 12 September 2019

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Let’s Talk About It 
SICK! Festival

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SICK Festival are holding a big conference to open the conversation about disability and society. The conversation kicks off with a mighty question: ‘What is the value of a human life?’. It’s hard-hitting stuff and promises to ignite a conversation, particularly for what the question, or rather the answer, means for people living with disabilities, their families, for society and for those who might not even be born yet. 

The talk is 6 hours and jam-packed full of insightful discussions across 4 panels. 

Panel 1: Economics of Care

A punchy first hour filled with economics and politics; how is austerity affecting care and how have those who require care throughout their life been impacted by budget cuts? Sounds like this one might cause a hell of a lot of rage in everyone’s core, as soon as you say the ‘A’ word that tends to happen. 

Panel 2: Technology 

An hour with a nod to ROBOTS. This promises to be an exciting talk about the future of technology, as it becomes increasingly pervasive could it help improve the lives of people with disabilities? 


I can imagine there might be some biscuits in this hour but don’t hold me to that. I’ll be hoping for digestives. 

Panel 3: Media and Representation 

This panel looks towards film, TV, radio and plenty more. Looking at the representation of disabled people in modern-day media culture and how the role of culture is shifting and shaping attitudes towards disability.

Panel 4: The Right to Exist  

A deep and challenging conversation that looks into genetic screening, a mechanism whereby whole groups of people with particular conditions can be prevented from ever existing. This panel looks at how the very right to exist is at threat at both ends of life, as people with disabilities are less valued than others. This panel will look into and question why research demonstrates that people with learning disabilities have a lower life expectancy due to systematic failures.

The event is an eye-opening and mind-bending experience for those willing to learn more about living with disabilities or for those actually living with disabilities to get their opinions heard with a range of speakers throughout the day. Tickets start from £5 with the pay between scheme.


Let’s Talk About It

When: Friday 20th September
Time: 10am
Where: The Lowry, Pier 8, The Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ
Cost: from £5 

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